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Edssco Inc. has the ability to help you with your energy conservation. With multiple trade disciplines in house we have the expertise to handle every aspect of your energy profile. We can assist with:

  • Energy Audit and Assessment:
  • Metering and Consumption Measurement:
  • Lighting replacement / retrofit: (LED, Fluorescent, etc...)
  • Capital Equipment Replacement: (with new energy efficient equipment). Let the energy savings pay the Cap-X over time.
  • Maintenance programs that are effective and efficient (a well maintained mechanical system reduces energy consumption - did you know that a dirty filter on an HVAC unit can cause an energy usage increase of up to 12% or more ?)
  • Building Recommissioning: When buildings are constructed, the designer creates the parameter for the building to operate ( Commissions the building; set the heat at X and turn it down at night, then back up in the morning). Over time, the operating parameters get changed, and the way we use the building also changes. Edssco Inc. can recommission the building systems to ensure that the building runs to today's standard while saving energy. Typical energy consumption savings for 20 year old commercial properties is 16% or more. 

Energy Conservation and Demand Management

in addition, we can assist you with the Ontario Power authority (OPA) "saveonenergy" program to ensure that you receive the maximum incentive payout. we can prepare the documents for you a‚Äčnd do all the paperwork required. All you have to do is wait for the cheque !