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we are Sustainable in what we do:

Sustainable internally as a company and in the work we do for our customers

What does sustainability really mean ? And how do we achieve it ? Today everyone agrees that sustainability is good.... and it's a lofty goal that we all want to aspire to however it appears that sustainability cost a lot of money. At least when you look at some of the forms that sustainability takes in the offering by various suppliers and vendors.

EDSSCO's approach to sustainability is that it needs to be revenue neutral (when you use less, it should cost less & pay for itself). We look for ways to be sustainable that offers a real savings to our clients while preserving the environment. Good technical people find creative and innovative ways to reduce and reuse.

Sustainability takes many forms. The less we consume, the less we need to give back in order to achieve the sustainability balance. Consume less - Save the Environment. EDSSCO Inc. can help you with your sustainabilty program:

  • Energy Conservation & Demand Management
  • Capital Replacement Programs
  • Natural Energy Harvesting (Solar and Hydronic Systems)
  • Waste Diversion
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Tenant Engagement
  • Production redeployment strategies (Industrial Process & Commercial Uses)
  • Redundant Energy Capture